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  • Having had two years to handle the estate of Norman F. Ussery III, There has been no news. Properties have been sold long ago and this seems to be a extreme amount of time for something that should not have taken but a year at most. Barr Assoc. will be contacted and a full investigation will be conducted by the proper authorities if just reason is not given in a timely manner. Trust in a time such as this is a crucial thing and for that to be violated could result in careers being lost.
  • Does not know constitutional law, nor Florida homestead laws and it’s clear cut applications
  • Does not know constitutional law, nor Florida homestead laws and it’s clear cut applications
  • After speaking with several attorneys that all wanted me to sign their retainers.. Attorney Kaufman was the ONLY one that I can honestly say he told me to get the surgical notes first .. I like him a lot he’s definitely not like the rest I don’t like to pass judgement on other Attorneys. But you always get to speak with him or his assistant that’s very rare these days. With kind regards, James J.Morotti
  • A terrible person! Seems nice but lies in her reports multiple times. Biased. Overcharges. Allows kids to move away from the other parent to other states! I fought this and called her to be deposed to account for her lies. She took the money but refused to show up. Totally unethical! Didn’t even lift a finger to find out the truth in my custody evaluation (no home visit, didn’t interview a single witness on my side). I could go on! Don’t hire this biased unethical crook!
  • Mellisa Dugan is a disgrace as an attorney and should be reviewed by the Kansas Bar Association. She has collected thousands of dollars, has wasted countless hours, days, and even months. She’s mislead and never even stepped a foot in the court room for representation. Only reschedule after reschedule after reschedule. All on her mistakes and lack of competence to do her job. She did have the decency to admit she’s missed things over and over turning it into another date. Sadly to top it all off even quitting the day of court after notifying us that she is moving law firms and no longer handling cases with Kluin. If anyone has any sense they will not even waste your time calling her. The Kluin law firm is a joke. Don’t pay them a dime you will not get anything in return but headaches and empty pockets. There responsibility to represent when an attorney resigns is the same as the one who resigned. The retainer is paid to the firm. Promise you will regret every minute you hire them.
  • Thank you very much for your help.