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  • A vindictive and deceptive person that has the poorest of judgement in assessing what's best for a child, and if you don't kiss her foot in agreement with her every opinion and judgement, she will use your children as a weapon against you in her quest to play god. Horrific person!
  • This individual ignores the Florida homestead laws Statute Article X Section 4. Enjoys intrepreting the homestead laws to his liking,while attempting to bully individuals that are not savvy. Would not use this lawyer for anything legal.
  • Terrible experience. I am so upset at this so-called attorney, she has ruined my life, I spent over 20k in legal fees and I can no longer see my children, lost custody because she neglected my case and focused on other cases. She is money hungry.
  • Unable to complete insurrection of the United States.
  • This guy makes all lawyers look bad. He is a criminal and should be in prison.
  • Tucker is a great person to work with on legal matters. He makes sure everything is above-board and top-notch.
  • unable to phone no wifi or contact to see if you will be able to discharge me from assisted living as Adult Protection will help me get home with five year old gran daughter please respond, have been told you are totally commit me in assisted living? look forward to court July 20, hopeful to discharge me, so Adult Protection can get me home. no way to contact as gran son, no sentenced and committed, has deled all e mail address , now his mom, is doing the same in Omaha. look forward to July 20, court date with hope of discharge, not committed as told. no resources as need has been met! Awesome attorney! Have been unable to leave Omaha for more than a year. Same problem with both Lydia House an assisted living in Omaha. Only one can help me!